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Glazed Over crafts our donuts, pastries, cookies, and cakes using only the highest-quality ingredients from glaze to dough, from filling to icing. We hand-roll and hand-cut each donut in small batches right in our store. We love what we do. We love donuts. We love our customers. We know you will love our treats so stop by and say hello – grab a donut or a couple dozen and wash down our delicious bites with fresh made Crimson Cup Coffee, a refreshing fruit Smoothie or the best, dang Hartzler chocolate milk you’ve ever had.


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    Open for customers in store.

  • Contact Name

    Jeff Steen

  • Business Hours

    Tues - Sun 6:30 AM - Noon

  • My Business Has Gift Cards Available for Purchase


  • If yes, how can people purchase gift cards from your business?

    Only Phone


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